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Florida Gas offers a variety of propane services for both your home and business. Here is a list of some of our more common services we offer.

appliance installatioN & Hook-Up
Our team of professionals ensure your appliances are working properly.

Appliance Maintenance & Repair
The number one reason for appliance failure is un-maintained equipment. We can help!

delivery system design & installation
Consult with our professional sales staff; we will provide you with economical solutions. Call us for a FREE estimate!

delivery system maintenance & repair
A regular maintenance program helps to keep your system up to date and safe to use. Ask for a 'Gas Check' today!

new home construction & builder packages
From concept and design, we see the dream come to life! With over 5,000 systems installed and cared for, we are your trusted source.

existing home remodel packages
Usually a challenge; but hey, we've been that and done that! Let us show you how we can work with your team.

Tank Installation & maintenance
On-time installation with the least amount of disturbance to your home and yard.

Tank Certification & Re-certification
Every twelve years, on DOT tanks, we can visually re-certify every five at your location. ASME tanks that are buried, we suggest bar probe testing per state guidelines. Call us to certify or re-certify your tank today!

On-time Propane Delivery
Our Keep Full service puts us on the hook to ensure you never take a cold shower again!

Safety Inspection & Gas Check
These two critical components are the rigorous standards of safety and awareness, regarding any gas system.

gas leak & Pressure testing
We perform these tests nearly every day to ensure safety and piece of mind for the consumer.

Generator maintenance & repair
With over 2,000 propane generator installations to date, we will keep you up and running or make necessary repairs quickly.

Pool & Spa Heating
We have many solutions and an excellent service record!

UG Touch Bar Probe
It's the least invasive way to check the safety of your underground tank.

Underground Tank Buriel
We cover everything from bouncepads to underground utlities. Let us install your tank today!

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